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If you have no prior experience of injecting, we understand  that the thought of a practical session can be quite daunting. Because of this, we offer the opportunity to complete the first practical stage using an anatomically correct silicon face model to gain your  confidence prior to progressing onto model clients .

All the training delivered by AACNDT educators is one on one ensuring you get the very best from your experience with plenty of hands on practical application of the skills taught.

Cosmetic Nurse training Perth

Introduction to Cosmetic Nursing ©


The introductory half-day training course is specifically designed to meet the needs of Registered Nurses looking to gain entry into the field of Cosmetic Nursing and facial aesthetics.


cosmetic nurse training Perth

Combined Introduction to Cosmetic Nursing and Foundations of Wrinkle Relaxer Treatment ©



Combined  our two most popular courses at a reduced price so you can prepare for practice faster.

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Cosmetic Nurse training  PRP

PRP - Needling and Injection techniques ©



The platelet-rich plasma (PRP) training teaches cosmetic nurses  how to  inject client’s own platelet-rich plasma to grow new collagen, regenerate soft tissue and smooth and tighten skin. 

This course is also available to dermal therapists using needling as  a delivery mode for  PRP .


4 hours

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Cosmetic Nurse Training Perth

Foundations of Wrinkle Relaxer Treatments©


The foundation half day training course in anti- wrinkle treatments is designed specifically for Registered Nurses looking to get started in facial aesthetics and cosmetic nursing.


Cosmetic Nurse training Dermal Fillers

 Foundations of Dermal Filler Treatments ©



The foundation  day training course in dermal filler treatments is designed specifically for Registered Nurses looking to progress in facial aesthetics and cosmetic nursing.


anaphylaxis  CPR nurse training Perth

Management of Anaphylactic Reactions

in an Aesthetic Setting ©


Effectively  and safely manage  anaphylactic reactions  in a cosmetic clinic environment




2 hours

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cosmetic Nurse mentoring and training

Cosmetic Injector Clinical Mentoring Program ©


This one of a kind   mentoring  program s is specifically designed to meet the needs of Registered Nurses entering  the field of cosmetic nursing and facial aesthetics . This provides you with the skills and confidence to start injecting immediately and confidently on completion of the mentoring process.



Management of Dermal Filler Complications and Emergency Protocols ©


The management of Dermal filler complications and emergency protocols course is designed to ensure that you are able to recognise and respond to dermal filler complications and initiate remedial or emergency protocols.





Australian Academy of Cosmetic Nursing and Dermal Therapy

Other Courses Available at AACNDT.

  • PDO thread Techniques - rejuvenation and lifting

  • Advanced  Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

  • Advanced Dermal Fillers

  • Combined  Advanced Course

  • Lip Masterclass- including Russian Lip technique

  • Annual CPR competency for Nurses

  • Venipuncture for PRP

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